Neurocosmetics: innovative active ingredients that help to combat aging at the source

Neurocosmetics: innovative active ingredients that help to combat aging at the source

Neurocosmetics: innovative active ingredients that help to combat aging at the source

An innovative cosmetic collection with FUTURE N.G.E technology created by the CASMARA laboratory, which rejuvenates the skin in an intelligent way, acting directly on the cause of the skin’s aging process.

Over time, skin stops being able to regenerate itself because the cells lose their cellular identity, something which visibly affects the tissue and impacts its structure, causing visible aging.

But why does our skin age?

The nervous system, DNA, activity of our genes and the correct regulation of circadian rhythms are key for extending the skin’s youthful appearance.

DNA (genomics) contains the genetic load which determines how each person’s skin ages. Simultaneously, the nervous system, activity of genes and circadian rhythms set the pace of the aging process, either accelerating it or slowing it down. It has been demonstrated that protecting the DNA, improving the expression of genes, regulating the messages that the nervous system sends to the brain and balancing the circadian rhythms results in rejuvenated skin.

The latest research defies the laws of time to combine the latest medical-scientific advances, making way for a new concept: neurocosmetics, active ingredients which act directly on the DNA (genomics), the activity of genes (epigenetics) and the circadian rhythms (chrono-cosmetics).

The results are cosmetics that promise sensations and care which transport you to another reality, so that skin radiates youth and beauty with an intense feeling of well-being.

Eternal Beauty telomere innovation: Genomics. A revolutionary anti-aging active ingredient with genomic technology that can prevent the shortening of telomeres, determining elements in the skin’s aging process which protect and prevent DNA damage (genomics). In this way, the aging process is stopped, and signs of aging are reduced.


Illuminating anti-fatigue active ingredient, Persian Silk Tree Extract: chrono-cosmetic innovation. An illuminating anti-fatigue active ingredient with chrono-cosmetic technology which combats signs of fatigue such as eye bags and dark circles, as well as preventing the appearance of changes to skin tone in mature skin (irregular and devitalized tone).

Chardonnay Grape Extract rejuvenating innovation: Epigenetics. A rejuvenating active ingredient with epigenetic technology which improves the skin’s metabolic rhythm regulatory gene function (sleep/wake circadian rhythm).

During the day, it helps the skin to restore its optimal hydration levels and its protection against oxidative damage. At night, it helps to activate the regeneration process and repair any damage caused during the day, healing damaged structures. The action of this active ingredient causes global rejuvenation.

Skin permeability innovation: Japanese Spring Water (Onsen): volcanic thermal water from Japan with curative properties, which increases skin permeability.

Anti-stress active ingredient. Lavender Oil: wellness effect. A double action anti-wrinkle and anti-stress active ingredient: it inhibits involuntary muscle contractions and rebuilds the epidermis. In this way, wrinkles are relaxed, and the reconstruction of the epidermis creates an instant anti-aging effect.

Melatonin (youth hormone): it is involved in several cellular and neuronal processes, it activates the body’s sleep cycle, producing an intense perfecting effect on skin, as well as an intense feeling of well-being.

Tryptophan + Vitamin B6. This combination of serotonin precursors (happiness hormone) brings calm and serenity and they are essential for healthy skin.

Cherry Blossom: anti-stress active ingredient (neurocosmetics) which provides a state of relaxation and encourages the body to energize and repair.

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