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Made with marine algae, diatomaceous earth, micro-encapsulated oxygen and mint.
Oxygenates, hydrates and purifies the skin.
Intensely oxygenates the face, acting as a true breath of fresh air for the skin, which appears radiant with reduced signs of fatigue.
Thanks to its powerful purifying action, the mask acts globally, restoring the skin’s luminosity lost due to stress, pollution, and a lack of daily rest.
Formulated with algae, O2, and mint, the mask promotes an overall improvement in the complexion, providing intense hydration and a pleasant and relaxing feeling of freshness, with a delicious minty aroma that makes each application a real pleasure.

Who is this for?
All skin types.
Formulated for all skin types, especially for stressed, dull, and/or asphyxiated skin. In short, for skin needing a “breather”.

DOUBLE OXYGENATING ACTION. Provides oxygen and stimulates cell respiration, increasing the oxygen supply to the cells. This results in increased cell function, leading to an overall improvement in the skin, which appears brighter, more supple, and intensely cared-for.
PURIFYING EFFECT. Helps improve internal cell purification systems, encouraging them to eliminate waste elements. This causes an intense purifying action from within the skin, which is reflected on the outside.
TRIPLE HYDRATING ACTION. Thanks to the effect of marine algae and betaine, it provides an intense and effective hydrating action that prevents dehydration and ensures correct skin moisture levels.

Fresh, radiant and intensely hydrated skin.

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Casmara Algae Mask Kit E-Brochure

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