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Power Lift 4D with 4D TECHNOLOGY (hyaluronic acid of 4 different molecular weights), fermented shiunko oil and biointelligent peptides, acts directly on the key elements of the extracellular matrix (ECM). 

Silicon-free and mineral oils-free formula.

Who is this for? 

All skin types. 

SUPER CONCENTRATE POWER LIFT 4D is indicated to combat facial flaccidity, wrinkles (emerging and established) and the lack of turgor. Also for those who wish to treat their skin to an extraordinary anti-aging cure.


Tightener. Wrinkle diffuser.

 24h hydration.

Global firming action.

Restructuring redensifier.

Redefines facial contours.


Lifting effect. 

Fills wrinkles from the inside.

 Lip contours redefined +33%*. 

Increase in hydration +155%*.

*results of clinical studies carried out.

Active Ingredients 

HYALURONIC 4D: ultra-hydrating. Wrinkle filler. Hyaluronic acid complex with 4 different molecular weights that acts on 4 layers of skin to tighten up, redefine and prevent the appearance of signs of aging. Hyaluronic 4D penetrates the intercellular spaces of the epidermis and dermis, redensifying the skin from the inside, provides 24h hydration, reduces loss of water from the skin and, in addition, prevents damage caused by pollution and UV rays. 

ESSENCE OF MADAGASCAR: tightener (lifting effect). Wrinkle diffuser. Extract of Acmella Oleracea from Madagascar, an ingredient that effectively reduces wrinkles and expression marks, ensuring visible results from the first application. Its smoothing effect redefines the contour of the lips. 

FERMENTED SHIUNKO OIL: global firming action. Chinese medicinal herb rich in z-ligustilide and shikonin that provides extraordinary softness. Its firming action is due to that it increases the number and viability of fibroblasts. 

BIOINTELLIGENT PEPTIDE: Restructuring redensifier. Enhances the synthesis of proteoglycans. Active ingredient that stimulates the synthesis of the extracellular matrix (ECM) components and reinforces collagen, avoiding a flaccid facial appearance. 

Z-MARINE: redefines facial contours. Marine biotechnological ingredient endemic to the Indian Ocean with extraordinary properties. Causes immediate lifting, skin contraction and remodeling of the facial contours.

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