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A concentrated clarifying and perfecting chemical peel which corrects dark spots, evens the tone, brightens, and blurs the signs of aging.

CLARIFYING CONCENTRATED SERUM combines the latest depigmenting technology made with powerful next generation acids and the most advanced liposomal technology. It acts globally on uneven pigmentation, while improving skin hydration and elasticity, softening wrinkles.

A revolutionary gel-textured serum with highly exfoliating active ingredients and a low sensation of irritation. CLARIFYING CONCENTRATED SERUM acts at night so that you wake up with renewed, glowing and radiant skin, surrounded by a halo of light.

Who is this for?

Suitable for all skin types.

Especially formulated for skin with dark spots, dull or uneven tone, wanting to combat the signs of aging.


Removes melanin accumulation and prevents its production.

Removes dead cell accumulation and stimulates skin regeneration.

Regulates natural skin pigmentation.

Softens wrinkles and imperfections.

Speeds up regeneration, renews and perfects the skin, brightening the face.


Faded or corrected dark spots.

Even tone.

Perfect, renewed skin.

Radiant face.

Active ingredients

LIPOSOMATED KOJIC ACID: A natural active ingredient with a depigmenting double action.

TRANEXAMIC ACID: Anti-dark spots active ingredient.

MANDELIC ACID: Exfoliating and renewing alpha hydroxy acid.

OCTADECENEDIOIC ACID: Anti-dark spots and lightning active ingredient.

Note: Before purchasing this product, we will need to have a skin analysis with you to ensure your skin is at its optimum condition to use this product.

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