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Advanced ultra-nourishing anti-wrinkle day/night cream with an exclusive anti-aging action and intense nourishment. Its innovative revolutionary formula combines next-generation Botox-effect multifunctional technological active ingredients that act synergistically with highly renewing alpha-hydroxy acids and botanical oils. Together, these work at cell level to repair damage and protect the skin against the passage of time.

With Nutri+ Rich Wrinkle Cream, wrinkles are filled from inside for an extraordinarily soft and smooth complexion with a lovely silky texture.

Especially formulated for the most demanding dry and extra-dry skin types that require advanced care.

Who is this for?

Dry skin. Rich-textured cream suitable for dry or extra-dry skin. Especially formulated to treat wrinkles and signs of aging, while strengthening the skin to prevent their appearance.


BOTOX EFFECT. Inhibits and/or softens muscle contractions caused by repetitive facial movements and improves their subsequent relaxation. Treatment and preventive anti-wrinkle action.

RENEWING. Exfoliates the outermost skin layers, removing aging cells and intensely stimulating cell renewal, smoothing and improving the microrelief instantly and in the medium and long term.

PLUMPING. Double plumping action: increases skin-plumping substances such as hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin, and improves the skin hydration level, filling wrinkles from the inside, which reduces their length and depth instantly and in the medium and long term.

INTENSE NOURISHMENT. Provides the skin with the necessary elements to keep it in good condition.


RELAXED, TENSION-FREE FACE, with smoothed wrinkles and expression lines.

SMOOTHED SKIN MICRORELIEF. Results in an overall improvement of the skin.

“FILLED” WRINKLES. Redensified, rehydrated, plump and smoother skin.

REJUVENATED SKIN. Increased facial firmness and elasticity.

DEEPLY NOURISHED SKIN. Extraordinarily soft and smooth complexion with a lovely silky texture.

Active Ingredients

ARGIRELINE AMPLIFIED: Botox and tightening effect. Wrinkle corrector.

GLYCOLIC AND LACTIC ACID: Exfoliating and renewing.

AMINO-FIRM: Firming and wrinkle filling.

NATURAL OIL COMPLEX (AVOCADO AND MACADAMIA): Ultra-nourishing, repairing and protecting.

VITAMIN F: Nourishing and regenerating.

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