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 A gel with balancing properties for all skin types with localized blemishes. Its innovative formula regulates sebum secretion and helps get rid of blemishes faster.

Who is this for?
 Recommended for all skin types, especially combination, oily and/or acne-prone skin with localized blemishes. Particularly useful for post-acne skin and men prone to folliculitis after shaving. Unisex formula.

 Stops acne, stops imperfections.


Free of imperfections.

Active Ingredients
AZELOGLYCINE: An intense sebum regulating active ingredient that reduces excess sebum and oil production on the skin. Its smart action means it only releases in areas with excess sebum secretion.

B-PEPTIDE: a peptide with balancing properties that strengthens the skin’s immediate defence mechanisms, thereby helping to erase blemishes.

Application Method
 Apply to the blemish area to be treated, massage in and leave to work. Apply as many times as necessary until the blemish disappears.

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