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Cream with a soft and light texture.
Light-textured face cream provides energy to the cells and increases the amount of oxygen. At the same time, it provides intense hydration and acts as a wrinkle filler from within.
OXYGEN is an essential source of life; when there is not enough, the skin becomes an organ that lacks radiance and lustre. That is why CASMARA has engineered a number of advances making it available in cosmetic form.
How? Enabling it to be encapsulated using ideal formulas to provide this in its purest form to the skin.
Give your skin the breather it needs.
A state-of-the-art cosmetic product with pure oxygen. The skin regains its energy, luminosity and vitality, looking healthy and young.

Who is this for?
Normal and mixed skin.
Unisex formula. Specially matted, dull, asphyxiated skin. Even oily skins.

Stimulates natural cellular respiration.
Carries micro-encapsulated oxygen directly to the cells.

The activity of the cells that receive oxygen triples and cell division is increased by 20%, enabling your skin to become oxygenated and purified.

Active ingredients
RIBOXYL®: Stimulates natural cellular respiration.
HYALURONIC ACID: Wrinkle filler.

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