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2 Masks + 1 Ampoule 4 ml

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Made with aloe vera, ARGIRELINE®, and RECOVERINE®.
Botox-like effect. Smooths wrinkles and prevent their appearance.
Innovative anti-wrinkle face mask with a preventive and treatment action. Formulated with 3 powerful active ingredients that act synergistically to remove and/or smooth furrows, wrinkles, and expression lines, and prevent their future appearance.
Thanks to its “Botox effect” action and regenerating active ingredients, the skin is renewed, with a smoother complexion and protected against the appearance of new wrinkles.
2 Renovating Algae Peel-Off Mask + 1 Balancing Ampoule.

Who is this for?
All skin types.
Suitable for all skin types. Specially formulated for skin with visible wrinkles and expression lines.

PLUMPING. It Traps water molecules inside the skin and strengthens the barrier effect for densified skin that’s plumped from within. Wrinkles and furrows are softened, and expression lines disappear.
BOTOX-LIKE. An intelligent active ingredient that softens repetitive facial movements. Shock effect that stops wrinkles and expression lines from appearing.
RENEWING. Stimulates and accelerates skin renewal. Removes visible imperfections from the outside for visibly smoother skin.

Softened wrinkles, smoother and protected skin.

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Casmara Algae Mask Kit E-Brochure

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